An Annual RefoRC conference of plenary papers, short papers, panels, book displays and presentations of research projects, research institutions, and publication projects is organized every Spring.

All Topics 

RefoRC conferences are open to short paper presentations on all topics within the field of the reformations of the sixteenth century. Only the plenary papers have a common theme.

Thematic Panels

Proposals for thematic panels of three short papers can be accepted. Each presenter should register individually and should indicate in the box ‘Message’ in the Registration Form that the paper is part of a panel, including the topic and the name of the organizer of the panel.

Meeting Place

With these conferences RefoRC offers a meeting place of all those dealing academically with the reformations of the sixteenth century. The conference aims at giving scholars and PhD-students the possibility to present their research results, build up and strengthen an international and interdisciplinary academic network.


General communication is in English. Papers in other languages may be given only if they are accompanied by a printed summary in English.

Journal of Early Modern Christianity (JEMC)

The registration fee for the annual RefoRC Conference includes the subscription for the JEMC of that year. Read here more on the JEMC.


The next Annual RefoRC conferences are scheduled for:


Wittenberg, May 10-12, 2017
University_of_Warsaw_Universitas_Varsoviensis.png Warsaw, May 24-26, 2018
 Fondazione_per_le_scienze.png Bologna, May 15-17, 2019 (preliminary dates)
HungarianAcademyofSciences.png Budapest, 2020, no dates available yet


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